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Welcome to our webshop!


You can buy advance e.g. airport transfers and day trips.

The shop also provides transport to husky farms in the area, for example.

If you arrive by bus and your journey is interrupted, for example on a highway, you can find a transfer here.

You can pay for your trip at the time of booking with the most common debit and credit cards, as well as in taxis with cash or card.

Select the time from the calendar according to what time you want the taxi to pick you up. We can change the time afterwards if you feel that you have chosen the wrong time, for example for your return flight.


If you are buying more than one transport at the same time, the form will only ask you once for more information. We will contact you after booking to arrange further details.


If you can't find the transfer what you need in the shop, contact us by phone or email, and we will arrange it that way.

If you need help making a reservation, please contact us:

by email or phone or +358 41 310 4224